The Journey Begins: 8 Weeks To Go

Go Join Others For A Run!

runYou sure can get to know a person during a long run. I have enjoyed the conversation, company and scenery of new routes and new people. It's good to share stories related to the marathon and your training. It helps to know you are not alone in this marathon training stuff. It is helpful to experience running with others as you will be in the marathon.

Changing Your Life ...

Fell Off Track: 6 Weeks To Go

Missed A Few Days...A Week?

Fell Off? Don't panic or get depressed, get out the door! You can finish this marathon yet. It may be painful but you can do it. I refuse to let you fail and I expect the same attitude from you. So if this applies to you, stop reading now and get your butt out the door. We can resume this when you're back on the wagon. Go! Now!

Adventure Running...

4 Weeks Til The Gun!

Feel a cold coming on?

A survey of participants of the Los Angeles Marathon found that 40% caught colds within two months of the marathon. Marathon training is brutal on the body's defenses. Do your best to avoid sick people. Wash your hands whenever you get the chance. Hand to body is how the majority of colds are spread rather then by airborne germs. Taper big time the two weeks going into the race to reduce the chance of a last minute cold. There is no cramming for this exam in the final two weeks. Cram now!

If you do get sick back down...

The Countdown: 2 Weeks To Go

Crunch Time! The Final Weeks. Time To Chill

After the 20 mile run you are in the taper phase where your mileage will decrease dramatically. The training is over and you can only run too much from now until the marathon, not too little. The short runs you do run should be at a decent pace, not race pace, but not slow and easy. Drop your miles but not the intensity. Even if you feel drastically behind in your preparation, this is a time to rest, not cram.

This is a time to let all the wounds heal...

The Countdown: Marathon Week

Mental Preparation
Please read over the coach's notes and all the information you have read on marathon training. You will then get a better sense of how far you have progressed. Look over the mileage in your log. Do not allow anything but positive thoughts into your head. Visualize yourself crossing the finish line. If your 20 mile run went poorly, feel good about the fact that it wasn't during the marathon. Perhaps you just got your last bad workout out of the way!

Don't Panic! ...

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