My Marathon Justification Speech

From first hand experience I can tell you that training for the marathon takes tremendous dedication. The time and energy does not come easy in today's busy life. Trying to fit in the miles often cuts into your time for sleep at a point when your body actually requires more.

To get in this training, you often have to hurry and even skip meals, during a time when your bodies nutritional requirements an all time high. To top it off, your family, friends and business associates will offer you about as much sympathy for your plight as if you had a hangover. And to think we have not even discussed the actual physical pain and exhaustion of the actual event! Can this in any way be worth the effort?

The answer is a resounding Yes!

Now I just hope I can explain it in words. You have heard that nothing good comes easy. No where is this more true than in mile 26 of a marathon. To understand the difficulty of running 26 miles is one thing but what is the good that comes from it? Once again from experience I can tell you the accomplishment of running a marathon will have life long effects. Putting a problem into perspective, studying possible solutions, overcoming obstacles and meeting your objectives are all part of marathon training. Your success in the marathon will carry over into your business and family life. The marathon is a crash lesson in time management. So often we are reactive and not proactive in life. The marathon helps us to attack life with a plan. Many of life's problems on the surface seem insurmountable, much like the idea of running continuously for 26.2 miles. To train for a marathon you need a plan. You research the subject, look to experts and devise that plan.

You are about to join a very elite group of successful people. The demographics of the marathon finisher are impressive. The average marathon runner is a business professional with a high level of education and income. These people do not make many poor decisions. They decided to run a marathon!

The marathon lifestyle is a healthy one. When training for the marathon, you naturally start living better. Knowing you have a long Sunday run planned keeps you out of trouble on Saturday night. Knowing you have a late afternoon run planned will assure you will avoid a high fat lunch. Unlike diets or promises, these lifestyle changes are easier because they're part of a commitment to a bigger picture. You are taking the first steps into what will be the adventure of a lifetime.

I am proud of you already!


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