My running buddy and I are a little unsure about how to space out 1/2 marathons.

My running buddy and I are a little unsure about how to space out 1/2 marathons. We are both registered for the Indy Mini the first weekend of May. It will be my seventh 1/2 marathon in total - last year I ran two in a year. It will be her 2nd. We are both consistent, albeit not terribly speedy runners - no Kenyans here. We were both interested in the Martian 1/2 marathon, but that is one month before the Indy. Is this too soon? On a related note, Gnaw Bone is the weekend after the Mini. We both recognize that we'll be slow and a hindrance to a potential team, but are we foolish (and maybe dangerous) to consider jumping on that relay adventure? - Megan

Dear Megan,
Congratulations on finishing 7 half marathons, that is quite an accomplishment. I understand that plotting out potential races can be exciting, but when you are unsure of how much you can do without injury it is nerve racking also.

I would first of all ask if you have a formal training schedule for your half marathon, one that you may have taken out of a book, a magazine or from a training class. If you do have a formal training program, check out what it says for you to do for the weekend of the Martian Half Marathon. If the training program has you doing an 8-9 mile run or higher, I would simply replace your long run that weekend with the Martian Half. However, if you cannot resist RACING (or going all out) during the Martian Half, you may want to consider skipping it this year as you work towards your goal. Also, if your training doesn't have you running a full 13 miles before your goal race (the Indy race) then you may want to walk the last 2 miles of the Martian, and that has to be okay too. Races are a good way to get in a long run without having to carry water, with lots of friends and a t-shirt, but only if you can resist going all out and racing everyone around you.

As for DWD Gnaw Bone, your timing is perfect. Nobody is fast when they are bushwhacking through thorns and trying to run upstream, so speed doesn't count. I would practice your "ribbon following" navigational skills since that seems to be the most sought after skill. Also, I always recommend doing DWD after a major race instead of before because of the footing; chances are higher for a minor injury. But it is WELL WORTH the fun, craziness and teamwork. The only thing that might hold you back from DWD Gnaw Bone is the fact that the costume competition is really heating up and you have to be pretty creative now. Just running with your underwear on the outside of your clothing, or in blow up sumo suits isn't going to cut it.

Keep Running
Rachel at Running Fit Novi

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