What do other folks do in the winter to keep from loosing traction?

I am in the middle of training for the Miami marathon which is the end of January. This will be my 4th marathon. The other marathons were at a time of year where slippery roads were not a problem. I live in Northern Michigan and have had to do all my running at the gym on a tread mill. I have tried to run outside and seem to just slip around a lot. The roads I normally run on are for the most part paved but still snow covered and slippery, the dirt roads I run are worse.

I have cold weather gear so the temperature is not the problem its simply sliding around.I wear normal running shoes. What do other folks do in the winter to keep from loosing traction?

- Scott

I run ice dirt roads all the time and wear Yactrack Pro available at Running Fit for 27.99, priceless! They come off easy and can go in your pocket if you come to clear pavement.

Running Fit Headquarters

We at Running Fit sell Yak Trax (and other versions of the same product) which are basically a type of spike that you can slip over your regular running shoe for when the terrain is icy and/or slippery. We also sell a few different types of trail shoes which will also help to provide better traction in the snow and ice.

Remeber too that you will need to adjust your speed to the conditions outside. Even the most elite runners are not able to run as fast in Michigan winters as in our spring and summer weather. Don't worry about losing fitness or training benefits because when you run outside especially in the winter, you are battling tougher conditions which will help to make you a stronger and more versatile runner.

Tracey Cohen
Running Fit Novi

I suggest getting a pair of Yak Tracks or Get a Grips. They attach easily on your running shoes. The Yak Tracks have coils on them and the Get a Grips have Spikes to help with traction. They come in different sizes depending on your shoe size. They are both available at Running Fit and selling very quickly this time of year. I ran 17 miles during the snow storm last Sunday with my Yak Tracks! I was able to run and feel confident that I wasn't going to slip and fall. Running outside is always better than the treadmill. Another option during the winter is to try snowshoes or cross country skiing for an alternative workout. Get out and enjoy our Michigan winter!

Novi Running Fit

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