Core Tricks

This is a list of email responses to this obsessed runner who can trick himself out the door but cant seem to trick himself into core strength work. Just reading what others do has been the best trick for me, the guilt trick! - Randy

Karla - Hi! I have a deal with myself during my favorite shows on TV.... I am only allowed to indulge if I plank, crunch and lunge my way through all the commercials! Pleasure with a little pain... :)

Randy this one may not be for you, but I got my belly button pierced 6 years ago to keep me motivated to work my abs. You definitely want to keep the mid-section toned if you are going to draw attention to it! It has worked so far, although I do realize there will be a time in my life that I will take it out for good.

Nancy P. - Just recently I had a chiropractor tell me a more effective way to do crunches, get in crunch position, on back, feet on floor, legs apart ONLY try putting 2-3 books (approx. 8 inches) between your knees and when you crunch up not only tighten your abs but also squeeze the books together as hard as you can with your inside of your knees, I thought he was nuts but after trying it a few times I can feel the difference. GOOD for the core, HAPPY RUNNING!

Bag of Tricks to Get out the Door!

Wow! Randy asked for ideas to use as ammo for a "Bag of Tricks" to get us out the door running! The response was huge! You rock! Look at all of your suggestions, then head out and run!

Running with friends or helping someone get in shape, even if they are not running as fast a pace is motivating to me. As you say, once you have the gear on and start, the options open up, and you can show up early and warm up at your own pace or add miles at the end or even leave the group and catch up later. I also swear by making it convenient. That is of paramount importance for the runs where you lack motivation. Ive even starting wearing cotton shirts occasionally and other experiments. Picking an easy course helps too. If Im doing something that takes about an hour, often I can convince myself that I can avoid the feeling of wasting an hour by trying to fit in a run. Always be prepared; get a big duffel bag, put a lot of running gear in it and take it everywhere you can. - Brad Lee Armstrong


Being Aware Of The Causes Of Stress Puts You In Control.

Marathon training is an exciting, but stressful time. What doesn't kill you will make you stronger. All you have to know is where the line is, and not to cross it. Look at the stress of training as positive and it will be. If you're not living on the edge, your taking up too much damn room.

Without goals, life wanders aimlessly

Without goals, life wanders aimlessly. Greatness does not come by accident.

Greatness comes from goals but these goals must be realistic. Training for the marathon and running the marathon are realistic goals. These are lofty goals, but possible.

Motivation - Get Out the Door!

There will be plenty of days that your body just dosen't feel like it has the energy to run. You might just want to hit the couch and click on the tube after a long day of work. This is the time to lie to your body.

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