How come my feet "roll" and "buckle" under me?

I rejoined the running life in July after a few years off, and am now up to 5/6 mile runs. I'd like to do a half marathon next year. (I'm a 34-year-old woman.) I have this problem with my left foot "rolling" on me, however. My right foot sometime buckles, too. I certainly fall hard when either happens, and currently, I'm out of commission with a swollen foot/ankle. This is a new one for me. What's causing this? (Am I just being a lazy runner?) How can I avoid it in the future? Assuming nothing's broken (heading to the doctor today), when can I get back into action? - Kathryn

It sounds like you may have weak ankles and are likely a good candidate for high stability shoes. I don't know what you are currently running in, but I would suggest coming into one of our stores so that we can determine your foot type and gait and help you find proper shoes.

I would also suggest doing some exercises on a regular basis to strengthen your ankles and lower leg muscles and also work on your balance.

A few to get you started are:

  • Lifting your toes up off of the ground, balance and walk on your heels
  • Next walk only on your toes
  • Alternate balancing on 1 leg for as long as you can
  • Rotate your ankles and then reverse direction

These are some simple exercises (and there are many more) to get you started, but if you practice them regularly, you should see and feel improvement.

"RICE" that ankle and hope to see you out running again soon!

Tracey Cohen
Running Fit Novi

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